Diagram showing the Te Taenga Mai model of practice

Here you will find information about HIV through the voices of fellow migrants, refugee and asylum seekers, in a safe and easy to understand way.

Learn about HIV prevention, where to get tested, and where to find resources and services to help if you or someone you know is affected by HIV.

Whether you are looking for information, resources, or support, or if you just want to connect with others, we are here to help.

Our work is grounded in a Māori model of practice which embraces and welcomes all people with love (Aroha), dignity and respect (Mana).

Kua tae mai, mai tawhiti

We have arrived from afar

Kua te mai, mai tata

We have arrived from near

Kia toitu I te whenua

We stand undisturbed on this land

I manaaki mai I ahau

That has embraced us