Condoms are cheap and easy to get. You can get them at a very low cost on prescription from your doctor. You can buy condoms at most supermarkets, garages, and chemists. You can also get free condoms from Te Taenga Mai online.

Important information about condoms

  • Make sure to get the right size condom. It is important your condom is not too small or too big or it can make sex uncomfortable and increase the chances that the condom will come off.
  • You can get a three-month supply of condoms for about $5 from your doctor.
  • Get 12 free condoms and lubricant from us by ordering online. We will send them to your address in a plain envelope.

The right way to use a male (external) condom

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Watch a demonstration video of how to put on a condom properly.


  • It is recommended to use a lubricant when using a condom. Lubricant is also called ‘lube’.
  • Using a water-based lubricant with a condom can help reduce the risk of small tears and can make penetration easier and more pleasurable for both people.
  • It is important to use lubricant for anal sex and dry vaginal sex.
  • You can also put a drop of lube inside the condom if your penis is extra sensitive, but not too much or the condom could slip off.

Female (internal) condoms

A female condom is placed into the vagina before sex to reduce the chance of pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. They can be bought pre-lubricated or sometimes will come with a separate lubricant. The inserted condom can be used for anal sex, and there is also a non-latex condom for those with latex allergies.

Photo of a person opening a packet containing a female condom